Karen May-Newman, Ph.D.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Bioengineering Program

Ph.D, UCSD Bioengineering, 1993
Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, 1993-1996
Sr. Research Scientist, Alliance Pharm. Corp. , 1996-1998 Asst.-Full Professor, SDSU, 1998-present

Current Interests

My research is focused on understanding the changes in cardiovascular biomechanics and valve function in patients that have a medical device known as an LVAD. An LVAD is a pump surgically connected to the heart and aorta in order to boost systemic blood flow. This device drastically alters the cardiovascular biomechanics of patients, which leads to thrombosis and tissue remodeling. This research results from a collaboration with cardiac surgeons at Sharp Memorial Hospital and the University of Louisville, KY and has been funded by grants from NSF, AHA and the San Diego Foundation. I also have the privilege of overseeing the Bioengineering Program at SDSU, which includes undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree options.


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